Smart Buildings and Cities Solutions

Smart Buildings and Cities Solutions
We, BB Technology, have transformed ourselves from ICT solutions provider to an innovative, leading technology company by furtherly developing smart solutions into our R&D department. Over time, we have realized that there is a better way to ensure that technology actively helps to improve people’s quality of life and make cities/building better place to live. Consequently, we have made it our mission to continually develop advanced technologies and software applications that will enable you to achieve enhanced efficiency in term of smart city/building operation.
Our Solutions :

1.) Smart Environmental             2.) Smart Economy
3.) Smart Energy
            4.) Smart Governance
5.) Smart Living
            6.) Smart Mobility
7.) Smart People
8.) ** BIoTs – Building IoTs Solutions and Services
    a. Smart AI Expert Service
    b. Smart A/C Optimization Solution
    c. Smart Lighting
    d. Smart Navigator
    e. Smart Security Access Control
    f. Smart Building Operation Center
9.) ** Maxitask – Centralized Management Software Platform
    Maxitask is a software platform that integrates different IoT Sensor and visualizes real-time sensor data with geographical information system and 3D building model.